Commissioning a Custom Wedding Certificate

Hi! Adriana here.

When I’m designing wedding certificates, there’s nothing I love more than working with a couple to bring their vision to life.

I often find that couples want to capture a place that has significance for them (such as where they met, where they’re from, or where they’re going) or a time of year that has meaning (my husband and I are both obsessed with the fall).

After you tell me your vision and we discuss the symbols and colors that capture your relationship, I’ll use a combination of hand-painted elements and graphic design to create something completely unique.  You’ll have the opportunity to see the design before it’s finalized so that you can provide feedback.  Once you’re completely happy with your custom wedding certificate, I will have it printed and shipped to your door.

Prices for a custom wedding certificate start at $450.  Since each project is so different, I ask that you contact me for a specific quote.


The Process:

  • Initial consultation over skype or phone
  • I provide a written quote / sketch of your idea (no obligation!)
  • If you’d like to move forward, I’ll send you an invoice for a 50% deposit
  • When your design is completed, you’ll receive a full proof
  • I’ll make edits to your design
  • Once you sign off, it’s printed and shipped!