New York Wedding

Free Printable Thank You Card – New York Wedding!

November 24, 2014

New York Wedding - Free Thank You Card

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Happy Tuesday everyone!  We got boatloads of snow here in Wisconsin today, so I spent all day in my studio playing with Illustrator.  And as a result, I’ve created a new Thank You card design for my freebie collection that would be just the thing for a New York wedding!  As I wrote in an earlier post, printing your own Thank You cards is my number one money saving tip for weddings.  And since designing is pretty much my all-time favorite thing (with the exception of coffee and trips to the dog park, of course) I’ve been whipping up a collection of free print-ready designs, should you care to use them.  You can see the whole collection by clicking on the “Freebie” button in the sidebar.

So, in case you missed it the first time, here’s my spiel on why you should print your own thank you cards online…

Between the showers, the dinners, and (of course) the gifts, you’re going to go through a ton of those puppies. And a beautiful Thank You card can easily set you back $2-$4 a pop. So instead of bulk ordering note cards from your favorite high-end paperie, you can use one of my digital designs (or create your own), and have 250 of them printed at Got Print for a whopping $67. Not bad right? Plus, you’ll have enough thank you cards to last you for a couple of years at least.

These note cards match my New York wedding ketubah | Quaker wedding certificate | guestbook poster designs.

I’m continuing to add more free printable Thank You card designs week-by-week, so give me a holler if there’s one you’re dying to have. You’ll find all the details at the bottom!

New York Wedding - Free Thank You Card

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Free Printable Thank You Card Details – New York Wedding

  • This is a 4″x6″ print-ready design. It’s intended to be the front and back of a single-pane note card, which I think has a much more contemporary look
  • I usually do my online printing through They have a new triple-layered paper that I love. And Amazon or Paper Source are great places to get fun envelopes!
  • This is for personal use only. Please don’t resell my design 🙂
  • Let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to hear from you.
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