Hello, I’m Adriana Saipe.

I began designing for my shop “Ink with Intent” when I realized that the world needed more ketubahs and Quaker wedding certificates that were simple, contemporary, colorful, and inclusive of all types of couples.

It was during the summer of 2013, when I was planning my Quaker-Jewish interfaith wedding, that I began my hunt for the perfect ketubah. I absolutely loved the idea of participating in this ancient Jewish tradition and of having a beautiful rendering of our wedding promises hanging on our wall. But as I searched, no ketubah I found seemed to fit the quirky, interfaith celebration we were planning together.

Many designs featured symbols and places that didn’t speak to our interfaith family.  Other designs were beautiful, but lacked the vibrant color and simplicity that I crave as an artist.  And no designs seemed to speak to our shared experiences as a couple. Since I’m a professional artist, in the end we decided to simply create our own.  And the design we landed on perfectly captured the time and place where we first fell in love.  It’s hanging on my wall as we speak.  And every so often, I’ll stop to reread it and relive all the emotions of the day we signed it together.

But once I had created one ketubah, I couldn’t stop there.  I still had so many ideas about what love and partnership look like to a contemporary couple.  And so every day I keep designing.


P.S. If you’re curious about my paintings, you can pop on over to my art website.


Sarah Resnick

Sarah Resnick

Graphic Designer

Sarah will be working with you to customize your ketubah or wedding certificate and to make sure you’re 100% happy with the proof before your design is finalized.

FUN FACT: Sarah’s a weaver!

HER FAVORITE THING ABOUT WEDDINGS: I love seeing how the couples blend their families’ traditions and cultures together into their ceremony.

See Sarah’s incredible Chuppahs at Advah Designs!

Sara Ann LeHoullier

Sara Ann LeHoullier

Customer Service

Sara Ann will be working with you to make sure your ketubah is finished and shipped in plenty of time for your wedding. She’s also here to answer any of your questions along the way.

FUN FACT: Sara Ann lived in Madagascar for over two years, and speaks Malagasy fluently!

HER FAVORITE THING ABOUT WEDDINGS: Weddings are the perfect combination of union and reunion – I love listening to family members and friends tell the stories of the couple, and seeing the progression of their lives that brought them together through the collective eyes of the people they love. Also watching grandparents booty-dance.

Learn more about Sara Ann over at BusyBee Consulting!