Order a custom frame tailor-made for your artwork from our partner Simply Framed

Exciting news from the Ink with Intent studio! We've recently partnered with the high-end, bespoke framing company Simply Framed to offer beautiful and contemporary custom framing options for your ketubah or wedding certificate. These high quality frames are made by hand here in the USA. If you opt to use our framing service, Simply Framed will ship you a fully constructed custom frame along with easy instructions for inserting your ketubah, wedding certificate, or naming certificate.

Each custom frame can come with an optional acid-free 4-ply mat in a complimentary shade of white.

Alternatively, upon request, and for no additional fee, you can also choose to send your signed artwork back to Simply Framed after your ceremony and it will be returned to you encased in its custom frame.


Wooden Frames

Gallery Black
Gallery Walnut
Gallery Light Walnut
Gallery Natural
Gallery White

Metal Frames

Old School Metal - Bright Silver
Old School Metal - Warm Silver
Old School Metal - Gold
Metal Gallery - Graphite
Old School Metal - Matte Black

Mat vs. No Mat

Framed no mat
Framed with mat
Frame no mat
Frame with mat
Framed without mat
Framed with mat
Framed no mat
Framed with mat
Wreath with frame_no mat
Wreath with frame_matted
Framed_no mat
Paint Burst - Hygge - No Mat
Paint Burst - Hygge - Mat