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We're so grateful to our incredible clients for filling our work days with joy! Here are just a few of the kind things our clients have said about us recently (look on each product page for additional reviews). You can also hop on over to Etsy, A Practical Wedding, The Knot, and Google to see some more reviews over there.

  • I'm marrying a man who is a Jew and I honestly don't know a lot about his family customs, but he did mention the ketubah to me briefly and so I appreciate the struggle you describe with learning for your own Jewish wedding. It's good to know that any nice pen will work for the signing; I was worried I'd need some fancy ceremonial pen. I'll definitely take your advice and have extra paper on hand as well so we can all practice before writing on the ketubah itself. Rhianna Hawk, The Ketubah – explained in 60 seconds, August 30, 2018
  • So beautiful. We love Adam and Sumit and your work is amazing! Great job! Michael Williams, Client Spotlight: Sumit and Adam’s “Big, Gay Hin-Jew Wedding”!, February 15, 2018
  • You must have ordered your ketubah through! I've purchased a frame from ArtToFrames before and been very happy with it. This one is 17"x23", so it's pretty close! Best of luck with framing your ketubah! Adriana Saipe, My favorite ketubah frames, March 27, 2016
  • I ordered the "classic" size ketubah - 17 x 23.5, and am having trouble finding a cheap frame for the wedding day. Any suggestions? Rebecca, My favorite ketubah frames, March 17, 2016
  • A round frame would be beautiful! I haven't seen any on the market, but definitely let me know if you find one! I'd love to include it in my round up. Adriana Saipe, My favorite ketubah frames, February 2, 2016