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4 Ideas to Customize Your Ketubah

April 26, 2015

Every ketubah is unique.  Why?  Because only your ketubah has your names, your text, and your signatures on it.  It’s guaranteed to be one of a kind!

But did you know that there are even more ways to customize your ketubah without having to go the route of commissioning (and paying for) a fully custom design?  A lot of my clients love the idea of tweaking their ketubah design in a way that’s meaningful to them.

Curious?  Here are four simple and low-cost ways that I can customize your ketubah without charging you for a full custom design:

1)  Hand-lettered names in your ketubah

Each of my ketubahs comes with the option of having your names and wedding date in a large font above the text.  And you even get to pick the font.  But if picking the font isn’t enough, I’m happy to hand-letter your names so that they’re extra special.


2)  Add your silhouettes to the ketubah design

Sure, adding large portraits of your smiling faces to your ketubah might be a bit…much.  But what about adding your tiny silhouettes to a landscape?  These silhouettes blend seamlessly into the design, but serve as a tiny tribute to the happy couple.

3)  Add a symbol to celebrate your venue

Subtlety is key, but adding a small nod to your wedding venue can give your ketubah design a dash of magic.  For example, one client from Madison, WI asked me to drop in silhouettes of the iconic chairs from Memorial Union Terrace.  It’s subtle and sweet, and it has special meaning to them since it’s where they met and where they were to be married.

4)  Customize the colors

Most of my ketubah designs can be reworked with custom colors, and I commonly get requests to tweak a design to fit the colors scheme of a couple’s wedding.  This delightful client fell in love with my Paint Swash design, but was hoping it could match the ivory, blush and grey color scheme of their big day.   I was super happy with how it came out!

custom colors

These are just a few ideas for how you can take one of my existing ketubah designs and make small modifications so that it’s extra special.  I’m always delighted by the creative ways in which my clients want to tweak my standard designs.  If you have ideas or questions, I hope you’ll get in touch so that we can talk them through!

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Pick your own color on these customizable ketubahs

April 6, 2014

Here at Ink with Intent, I’m all about making each and every ketubah design as customizable as possible.  You already get to include all your personal information, decide whether or not to include certain design elements, pick your ketubah text and even write your own vows if you so choose.  But now, you also get to pick the color of the base design!  Since my background is in painting, I’ve prepared a series of hand-painted, vibrant textures to use in your ketubah art.  Here’s what I currently have, but I’m adding more textures every day!

Texture Palette

You can use these in all of my State ketubahs, my Typographic ketubahs, and my Tree of Life ketubahs.  Here are just a few of the ketubahs you can personalize with your own color:

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I'm Adriana Saipe, founder of Ink with Intent. I'm a full-time wedding illustrator who specializes in contemporary ketubahs and unique wedding certificates. Learn more.

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