Print your ketubah on Arches Watercolor Paper

Now Printing Ketubahs on Arches Watercolor Paper!

February 15, 2021

Print your ketubah on Arches Watercolor Paper

A quick but exciting announcement from the studio. By popular demand, we now carry Arches hot press and Arches cold press 140 lb. watercolor paper as a printing option for your “Text Only Ketubah.” After several cups of coffee and much experimentation, we can now print your text directly on this heavy, high-quality, professional-artist-grade paper.

Do you have a watercolor artist in your life who has graciously offered to hand paint you a one-of-a-kind ketubah? Set them up for success by ordering your ketubah text printed on the paper they’re already familiar with.

For those unfamiliar with the intricacies of watercolor art, the Arches hot press watercolor paper has a smoother finish, while the Arches cold press watercolor paper has more texture or ‘tooth’ to it. We always recommend that you ask the artist what their preferences are before selecting the exact paper for your ketubah.

Our Text Only ketubahs can be created in any dimensions you choose. This means that you get to select the overall dimensions of the paper, the shape of the text (rectangle, circle, or square) as well as the size of the text box and the size of the empty border surrounding the text. This is in addition to selecting your ketubah text, number of signature lines, fonts, and more. We will design the ketubah exactly to your specifications. You will also see a full proof of the ketubah before it’s printed and shipped, so there are no surprises.

Happy to answer any questions you might have about the new Arches watercolor paper ketubah printing options! We’re very excited to finally have this option up and running 🙂

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Good Earth Wild Botanical Ketubah Jewish wedding contemporary judaica greenery I am my beloved's illustration

New ketubah in the shop, and it’s wild…

September 24, 2018

Good Earth Wild Botanical Ketubah Jewish wedding contemporary judaica greenery I am my beloved's illustration

Hi friends!

I’m back in the studio after maternity leave with a brand spankin’ new team member in tow. She’s small, she’s adorable, she has the best smiles ever, and her name is Gwen.

Life is pretty nutty right now with a 2.5 year-old newly-minted big sister running the show around here, a charming but occasionally loud and often smelly baby bringing up the rear, and a very sad goldendoodle who just hopes that we remember to feed him every once in a while (kidding!).

I have a hunch that it’s precisely all this chaos that inspired my newest ketubah and wedding certificate design, Good Earth Wild. It’s a fun, playful, and lush botanical illustration that reminds me just a little bit of a stroll through the jungle.

Good Earth Wild Wedding Certificate Quaker Marriage Certificate Botanical Illustration Wedding Greenery

Of course, releasing a new design always inspires me to hit up pinterest in an effort to plan my newest never-gonna-actually-happen dream wedding. I’m thinking I’ll carry a giant bouquet of palms, put leaves in my hair, and snack on jungle-green macarons.

Lush Jungle Jewish Wedding Ketubah modern judaica inspiration palms

This design is available as both a ketubah and a wedding certificate. I hope you like it!

As with all my designs, this one can be modified with additional botanicals, should you want it to match your wedding theme. Just reach out if you’re possibly interested in that option, and we’ll get the conversation going.

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Pick your own color on these customizable ketubahs

April 6, 2014

Here at Ink with Intent, I’m all about making each and every ketubah design as customizable as possible.  You already get to include all your personal information, decide whether or not to include certain design elements, pick your ketubah text and even write your own vows if you so choose.  But now, you also get to pick the color of the base design!  Since my background is in painting, I’ve prepared a series of hand-painted, vibrant textures to use in your ketubah art.  Here’s what I currently have, but I’m adding more textures every day!

Texture Palette

You can use these in all of my State ketubahs, my Typographic ketubahs, and my Tree of Life ketubahs.  Here are just a few of the ketubahs you can personalize with your own color:

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Typographic Ketubah marries modern design and Judaica

March 31, 2014

I’m a total font nut.  I practically hoard them.  And sometimes I think that the perfect font can express what you’re trying to say better than any picture ever could.  That’s why I’m starting to develop a line of typographic ketubahs.  Each modern ketubah in this series uses contemporary design, hand-painted elements, and the perfect font to bring your wedding promises to life.  I know these designs break the mold of traditional ketubah art, but I have to believe that there are couples out there for whom these designs will be the perfect fit.

You can see the first two designs in my series below.  There are more to come soon!

Typographic Ketubah_1_ds_sm Typographic Ketubah_2_ds_sm

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Chicago Skyline Ketubah brings back memories

March 28, 2014

When I began my ketubah collection of city skylines, I started with the place my heart knows the best.  The city of Chicago is where I moved after college to be with my then boyfriend, now husband.  It’s the city where we fell deeper in love, shared our first apartment, made plans for the future and got engaged.  So when I decided to celebrate the unique cities in our country in my new line of City Ketubahs, Chicago was the perfect place to start.

I wanted a modern ketubah design that was minimalist, but at the same time captured all the strength and beauty of this great American city.  It took me several tries to get the ketubah art just right, but I’m very pleased with how it turned out.  And each time someone purchases this design, I know that we have something in common.

My Chicago Skyline Ketubah.  Available with all ketubah text options.

Chicago Skyline Ketubah

If there’s a city you’d like to see in my collection, don’t hesitate to reach out!  I’m very open to suggestions.

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Have you been looking for an Egalitarian Conservative Ketubah Text?

March 27, 2014

Ketubah TextPhoto by victoria.salinas

Many conservative Jewish couples use the original and ancient Ketubah text on their modern ketubahs. I think that it’s absolutely incredible that a text which was written over 2000 years ago is still being used today. Did you know that the traditional text isn’t even in Hebrew? It’s in Aramaic! I find a lot of beauty in continuing the use of this traditional text – it links us to our past, and it reminds us of what a revolutionary document the ketubah was during that time.

That said, in many ways, this ancient text no longer applies to our lives today. It speaks of the transaction of goods as part of the marriage process, which can make some modern couples uncomfortable.

As of this week, I can offer Conservative Jewish couples a beautiful alternative to the traditional Conservative Ketubah text. It was written by Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, who has given me permission to offer it as an option here. I love it because it removes the talk of money and transaction, but maintains the solemn feel of the original text. It also includes the Lieberman clause which is a key component to a valid Conservative Ketubah.

What do you think?

Conservative Egalitarian with Lieberman Clause

On the ____ day of the week on the ___ day of the month of ____, in the year _____ after the creation of the world, in the city of ______ in the state of _____, we celebrate that the groom, ____, son of ____ and ____, said to the bride, ____, daughter of ____ and ____, “I wish for you to marry me according to the laws of Moses and Israel, so you will be my friend and my covenanted wife, and I will work, sustain and cherish you as is the way of Jewish men, and I will provide for your food, clothing, and your other needs, and I will have conjugal relations with you.” And then the bride, ____ daughter of ____ and _____, said to the groom, _____, son of ____ and _____, “I wish for you to marry me according to the laws of Moses and Israel, so you will be my friend and my covenanted husband, and I will work, sustain and cherish you as is the way of Jewish women, and I will provide for your food, clothing, and your other needs, and I will have conjugal relations with you.” And if this union should be dissolved in a secular court, or if one of this couple leaves their home with the intention to dissolve the marriage, and they live separately for twelve months, if he sends her a get according to the laws of Moses and Israel, then this betrothal and marriage shall be right and good. If, however, after twelve months he has not sent her a get according to the laws of Moses and Israel, then this betrothal and marriage shall be null and void from the start. And the groom, _____, son of _____ and _____, and the bride, _____, daughter of _____ and _____, accepted upon themselves legal responsibility for this ketubah as weighty as all ketubah contracts which are made according to the ordinances of our Sages of blessed memory.

You can see all my Hebrew and English text options here.

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My New York City Ketubah is here

March 25, 2014

The moment I started designing ketubot, I knew a New York City ketubah had to be high on my list. But I delayed. I procrastinated. I told myself that I would definitely do a NYC design next week. If truth be told, I was really intimidated by the project. I mean, how do you capture all the wild vibrancy of a city like New York in a way that’s timeless, fresh, and speaks to the feelings of being in love?

Last week, after a couple more requests for a NYC ketubah hit my inbox, I couldn’t ignore the task any longer. I tried about a hundred compositions before finally landing on one that felt just right. What do you think?

New York City Ketubah

For the ketubah art, I picked the most iconic buildings in the New York City skyline. But I took an upward looking view so we see the strength and aspiration of the skyline without the gritty chaos of the streets. It reminds me that love rises above the chaos and helps us each to reach higher and higher. I hope that this design graces many a Jewish Wedding!

New York City Ketubah

You can find the New York City Skyline Ketubah here in my shop!

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