Good Earth Botanical Ketubah and Wedding Certificate Collection

Good earth burst botanical wedding certificate

Just wanted to pop in here to let you fine folks know that I’ve added a brand new collection of Ketubahs and Wedding Certificates to the shop! It’s called the Good Earth collection, and it’s a handful of romantic botanical-inspired designs that would be perfect for a spring or summer wedding (or really, for anyone who’s a particular fan of plant life). I drew inspiration from the famous work of Ernst Haeckel, while still using my own minimalist, contemporary style.

There are three designs in this collection, and each one is available as both a ketubah and a wedding certificate. As always, each design is completely customizeable with your choice of texts, fonts, signature lines, etc.

And if you’re interested in a custom botanical design which includes the flora that has particular significance to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

See the whole collection here.

Good Earth Circle Botanical Wedding Certificate

Good earth burst botanical wedding certificate

Good Earth Circle Botanical Ketubah

Good Earth Botanical Wedding Certificate

Good Earth Botanical Ketubah

Cherry Tree Ketubah – Brand new in the shop!

It’s always an exciting day here at the studio when I add a brand new design to the shop.  And it’s quite fitting that I finally am getting this one posted on the very day our flowering trees have begun to bloom.  After surviving my very first Vermont winter, all I can say is “Hooray for spring!”

The Cherry Tree Ketubah captures that brief moment in time each spring when the winter fades and the world is temporarily filled with cherry blossoms.  These delicate abstracted blossoms symbolize new beginnings as well as remind us of all the beauty this world has to offer.

Cherry Tree Ketubah
It is available in two different color palettes – Dawn (with softer, lighter tones) and Dusk (with deep blues). If you look closely, you will also find a secret message written in the blossoms – the Hebrew for “you are the one in whom my soul delights.”

And because I couldn’t help myself, I spent the morning browsing Pinterest and dreaming up the perfect spring cherry tree-inspired wedding – full of soft white blossoms, dappled sunlight, and, obviously, cake.  You can see the whole Pinterest board here.

If you have any questions about the Cherry Tree Ketubah, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Now available for your ketubah – Secular Humanistic II Text

The International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism writes a mean ketubah text. I know, because their original ketubah text has consistently been one of the most popular options here at Ink with Intent. That’s why I was so excited to discover that they’ve now released a second ketubah text that is every bit as beautiful as the first. I immediately called them up, and they were kind enough to allow me to offer their lovely text as an option to my clients. Thank you IISHJ for your generosity!

Just like all our texts here at Ink with Intent, this text option is available in three versions: bride-groom, bride-bride and groom-groom. It’s written in Modern Hebrew, although couples often choose to add the ancient biblical phrase “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” to their ketubah as well. You can read the entire English translation of the Secular Humanistic II ketubah text here:

On the __________ day of the month of ______________ in the year ____________ of the Jewish calendar, corresponding to the ________________ day of the month of _____________ in the year ______________ of the secular calendar as recorded in __________________ the beloveds _____________________________ and ____________________________ entered into this Covenant of Marriage. We pledged to nurture, trust, and respect each other throughout our married life together. We shall be open and honest, understanding and accepting, loving and forgiving, and loyal to one another. We promise to work together to build a harmonious relationship of equality. We shall respect each other’s uniqueness and help one another grow to our fullest potential. We will comfort and support each other through life’s sorrows and joys. Together, we shall create a home filled with learning, laughter, and compassion, a home wherein we will honor each other’s cherished family traditions and values. Let us join hands to help build a world filled with peace and love.

You can see all Ink with Intent’s ketubah text options here.

Spring is in the air with these new custom ketubahs

Apparently I’m not the only one who’s desperate for the arrival of spring. These past few weeks I’ve been working with client after client who’s looking for a warm weather-inspired custom design. And I certainly can’t complain. If I’m going spend all day stuck inside my chilly studio watching an icy rain pour down, at least I get to fantasize about a warm breeze in Palm Springs or a sunny hike in Utah.

Here are a few of my most recent custom designs. As always, feel free to reach out any time if you’re interested in a custom ketubah or wedding certificate. I’m always happy to do a free sketch and a quote for any idea you might have.

Arches National Park, Utah Tena’im Certificate

It was incredibly fun for me to work on a custom Tena’im certificate for Melissa and Holly, who will be getting engaged in a private ceremony next month. They wanted a design that channeled the familiar vibe of the WPA (Work Projects Association) Poster series from the 1930s, while capturing a place that has deep personal significance to them.

Arches National Park, UT

Palm Springs, California Ketubah

The couple wanted to capture the iconic palm trees of the (appropriately named) Palm Springs at golden hour. Working on it felt like a mini vacation, and not just because Margo and Zack were absolutely wonderful to partner with!

Palm Springs, CA

Washington, DC Cherry Blossoms Wedding Certificate

Annie and Michael are natives of Washington DC and wanted a Quaker wedding certificate that captured their favorite city in all its springtime glory. I’ve never personally seen the Cherry Blossom festival in DC, but working on this design confirmed its place on my bucket list.

Washington DC, Cherry Trees

Parker Hotel, California Ketubah

Victoria and Robert approached me about doing a custom ketubah of the Parker Hotel, the famous Mid-Century modern venue. I had so much fun on this project. In addition to getting to play around with ALL the PURPLE an illustrator could ever want, I got to include sweet and quirky details like a tiny silhouette of the bride and groom (as well as their two pugs!)

Parker Hotel, Palm Springs, CA

Thanks to all my custom clients for making each and every work day feel like a vacation!

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