Hello Hello Hello!

Hello hello hello!

Hard to believe its been, well, by the looks of it, a solid 10 months, since we last popped into our social media. But 2020! Holy moly. Here at the Ink with Intent studio, I had no choice but to turn inward while we scrambled to help our clients postpone and reimagine their 2020 weddings. I worked from home, and balanced client phone calls with bored and noisy toddlers, all while enduring the stares of a dog who was not getting enough walks. And THEN. And then. Because 2020 wasn’t already crazy enough, we moved my family, studio, and business from Vermont to New Jersey (more on that later). All this to say, 2020 has been a ride, but I’m glad to be back in this space.

It’s hard to believe that a new year is here and that (with the promise of the vaccine) we may get to celebrate weddings in person again soon. I’ve been working with a number of couples who are moving forward with their 2021 plans, even though things may change on us once again. But it feels so nice to be back to drawing, cutting, proofing, and imagining all the weddings to come.

A few quick announcements:

Paper cuts will be back in the shop in the next couple of weeks! If you’ve been waiting patiently, so sorry for the delay. Moving a studio across state lines is tough business, and I didn’t want to overpromise.

Interested in a custom design in 2021? Now’s the time to reach out! I can only take on a limited number of custom projects this spring before going on maternity leave so now would be a great time to begin the conversation.

Happy to be back!


I'm Adriana Saipe, founder of Ink with Intent. I'm a full-time wedding illustrator who specializes in contemporary ketubahs and unique wedding certificates. Learn more.

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