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Good Earth Wild Botanical Ketubah Jewish wedding contemporary judaica greenery I am my beloved's illustration

New ketubah in the shop, and it’s wild…

September 24, 2018

Good Earth Wild Botanical Ketubah Jewish wedding contemporary judaica greenery I am my beloved's illustration

Hi friends!

I’m back in the studio after maternity leave with a brand spankin’ new team member in tow. She’s small, she’s adorable, she has the best smiles ever, and her name is Gwen.

Life is pretty nutty right now with a 2.5 year-old newly-minted big sister running the show around here, a charming but occasionally loud and often smelly baby bringing up the rear, and a very sad goldendoodle who just hopes that we remember to feed him every once in a while (kidding!).

I have a hunch that it’s precisely all this chaos that inspired my newest ketubah and wedding certificate design, Good Earth Wild. It’s a fun, playful, and lush botanical illustration that reminds me just a little bit of a stroll through the jungle.

Good Earth Wild Wedding Certificate Quaker Marriage Certificate Botanical Illustration Wedding Greenery

Of course, releasing a new design always inspires me to hit up pinterest in an effort to plan my newest never-gonna-actually-happen dream wedding. I’m thinking I’ll carry a giant bouquet of palms, put leaves in my hair, and snack on jungle-green macarons.

Lush Jungle Jewish Wedding Ketubah modern judaica inspiration palms

This design is available as both a ketubah and a wedding certificate. I hope you like it!

As with all my designs, this one can be modified with additional botanicals, should you want it to match your wedding theme. Just reach out if you’re possibly interested in that option, and we’ll get the conversation going.

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Introducing the Etched in Stone Collection

October 23, 2017

As a ketubah and wedding certificate artist, October is my favorite month of the year.  And not just because I can finally take a deep breath after the insanity of summer’s wedding season (though that’s nice too).  It’s because I finally have the bandwidth to dig out all the ideas I set aside, all the doodles I stashed in drawers, and all the vague notions I jotted down on scratch paper over the previous year.

It’s a strange process, going through 8 months worth of “ooo-how-abouts” and “hmmm-what-ifs” and figuring out which ideas might actually have legs.  After all, a little time tends to reveal a lot about an idea.  Some ideas that I couldn’t wait to draw back in April now feel a little…flat?  Others that were only the haziest of thoughts last February have now coalesced into a solid vision.  But October is the time when, with a clear mind, I finally get to riffle through all these half-baked plans and pursue the ones that speak loudest.

And with that, I’m excited to announce the launch of a brand new line of ketubahs and wedding certificates.  The idea for this line first emerged sometime last spring.  During the madness of the spring wedding rush, I found myself craving extreme minimalism – clean lines, limited colors, a cool contemporary feel.  In other words, something very different from what I typically illustrate.  The “Etched in Stone” collection is 6 ketubahs and 6 wedding certificates that each in some way feature marble and granite textures.  With soft colors and crisp geometric patterns, these designs represent both the tenderness and gravity inherent in marriage.  I couldn’t be more excited to add the collection to my shop!  You can see the entire collection here.  And, as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Marble Geometric Wedding Certificate

Marble Geometric Wedding Certificate

Marble Geometric KetubahMarble Geometric Ketubah

Marble Geometric Wedding Certificate

Marble Geometric Ketubah

Marble Geometric Ketubah

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Floral Wreath Botanical Ketubah Good Earth Illustration Wedding jewish

What I love about early autumn light (+ a new design!)

October 16, 2017

Floral Wreath Ketubah

Before the air gets cold and the leaves start changing in earnest, there’s a brief moment in time when an early autumn golden light fills my world. And when it arrives, I suddenly find myself craving a very specific color palette. One filled with blush and caramel, ivory and sage, rose gold and that warm but smokey grey that only comes out in the fall.

I want to put this in my hair and write love letters sealed with golden wax. I want to nibble on these or this or that. But most of all, I want to share a cup of tea with my sweetie and be stupidly happy in love.

Early Autumn Light Wedding Mood Board

It’s a glorious time of year.

As you know, even with my wedding a solid 4 years behind me, I have a bit of a soft spot for putting together wedding mood boards on pinterest. Last week, I added a brand new ketubah and wedding certificate design to my shop. It’s a romantic, floral wreath design featuring the warm, soft colors that sing early fall. As I imagined what kind of wedding this design might find itself at home in, I began putting ideas into a Pinterest board, and well, another wedding mood board was born.

Be sure to follow us on Pinterest to see all my wedding boards!

Floral Wreath Wedding Certificate

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Good Earth Burst Botanical Ketubah modern contemporary judaica jewish wedding

Good Earth Botanical Ketubah and Wedding Certificate Collection

July 10, 2017

Good earth burst botanical wedding certificate

Just wanted to pop in here to let you fine folks know that I’ve added a brand new collection of Ketubahs and Wedding Certificates to the shop! It’s called the Good Earth collection, and it’s a handful of romantic botanical-inspired designs that would be perfect for a spring or summer wedding (or really, for anyone who’s a particular fan of plant life). I drew inspiration from the famous work of Ernst Haeckel, while still using my own minimalist, contemporary style.

There are three designs in this collection, and each one is available as both a ketubah and a wedding certificate. As always, each design is completely customizeable with your choice of texts, fonts, signature lines, etc.

And if you’re interested in a custom botanical design which includes the flora that has particular significance to you, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

See the whole collection here.

Good Earth Circle Botanical Wedding Certificate

Good earth burst botanical wedding certificate

Good Earth Circle Botanical Ketubah

Good Earth Botanical Wedding Certificate

Good Earth Botanical Ketubah

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Cherry Tree Ketubah – Brand new in the shop!

April 17, 2017

It’s always an exciting day here at the studio when I add a brand new design to the shop.  And it’s quite fitting that I finally am getting this one posted on the very day our flowering trees have begun to bloom.  After surviving my very first Vermont winter, all I can say is “Hooray for spring!”

The Cherry Tree Ketubah captures that brief moment in time each spring when the winter fades and the world is temporarily filled with cherry blossoms.  These delicate abstracted blossoms symbolize new beginnings as well as remind us of all the beauty this world has to offer.

Cherry Tree Ketubah
It is available in two different color palettes – Dawn (with softer, lighter tones) and Dusk (with deep blues). If you look closely, you will also find a secret message written in the blossoms – the Hebrew for “you are the one in whom my soul delights.”

And because I couldn’t help myself, I spent the morning browsing Pinterest and dreaming up the perfect spring cherry tree-inspired wedding – full of soft white blossoms, dappled sunlight, and, obviously, cake.  You can see the whole Pinterest board here.

If you have any questions about the Cherry Tree Ketubah, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Text Only Ketubah add your own artwork minimalist contemporary diy design

Text Only Ketubah Now Available

February 15, 2017

Nothing makes a wedding more special than those little personal touches. That sweet toast given by your best friend since 7th grade, a chuppah which includes a piece of antique lace handed down from a great grandmother, those funky centerpieces that your whole wedding party helped to construct the morning of your big day – you know what I mean.

Now you can also add your ketubah to that list of pre-wedding DIY projects! We’ve been approached by many couples over the past year who were seeking our help putting together an accurately translated, beautifully laid out ketubah text so that a special artist in their life could then do the surrounding artwork. But it’s not that easy to find a “text only ketubah”, particularly one where the text is already filled out with your personal details. Well, we’re more than happy to help!

Introducing the Text Only Ketubah

You can now purchase your very own Text Only Ketubah from Ink with Intent. This ketubah comes a dedicated graphic designer and with all the same personalization options as any of our other designs. That means you get to select the texts, the fonts, whether your names and wedding date are added as a headline, the number of signature lines, and much more. You even get to choose the size of the paper and the shape of the text. And because each Text Only Ketubah is created just for you by a graphic designer, we can accomodate any request you might have. Want the text smaller so there’s more space for artwork? No problem. Want the text midnight blue instead of black? We have you covered!

We couldn’t be more excited to bring you the Text Only Ketubah. It’s a wonderful option for DIY-ers, minimalists, and those lucky enough to have an artist in their inner circle!

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New! Intertwined Trees Ketubah Collection

January 2, 2017

If you have noticed anything about my work, it’s probably that I tend to stay away from highly-traditional ketubah designs.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate the beauty of an incredibly ornate historical design (for instance, this show-stopper that’s part of’s Museum Collection!) They just aren’t my style.  And if these last 3 years of running Ink with Intent have taught me anything, it’s that I’m not the only one who’s drawn to contemporary abstracts, city-scapes, and bright colors.

Intertwined Trees Ketubah

So, I was surprised at myself when, several weeks ago, I felt inexplicably compelled to design an intertwined trees ketubah.  If there’s one motif you see in ketubah designs more than any other, it’s intertwined trees.  And it makes sense, too.  Two trees growing together to become one is a powerful symbol of life, love, and commitment.

One morning, I absolutely couldn’t get the image of intertwining trees out of my mind.  After a few days of rough sketching, my new ketubah design began to emerge.  And after countless tweaks and revisions, I’m so excited about the finished piece.  My Intertwined Trees Ketubah is my own minimalist, colorful take on a beloved, time-honored motif.  My favorite part of this design is that the two tree are completely separate entities, but their branches have woven themselves together – remaining independent, but gracefully intermingled.  While the shapes are bold and clean, the colors and textures are full of tiny surprises and nuance. And since I couldn’t make a final decision about which colors I liked best, I decided to make them all available.

Intertwined Trees Ketubah

The Intertwined Trees Ketubah is available in 5 different tree colors (Devotion, Enchant, Flame, Crush, and Delight) as well as light and dark backgrounds.

And, as with all my designs, you can customize the fonts, the text, the number of signature lines, and much more for no additional charge.

Intertwined Trees Ketubah

Here’s to hoping my new ketubah design gets to play a small part in some beautiful weddings in 2017!

P.S. Did you know that Ink with Intent is now on Pinterest?  I’ve put together a little inspiration board for a wedding featuring intertwined trees 🙂

A Golden Wooded Wedding

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Introducing the Star Map Ketubah

December 5, 2016


I like to think of myself as someone with an eye for illustration. After all, I’ve been in the business for more than a handful of years. But want to know a secret? Some of the best ideas come directly from a creative client.

I was approached a few months ago by a lovely couple who wanted a custom design of their wedding venue – a beautiful pine forest – with the night sky stretching out above it. And then they asked me if there was any possibility of making the night sky look just like it would on the very evening of their wedding.

*Record scratch*

Well friends, I immediately fell head over heels in love with their idea. It was definitely a challenge to figure out exactly how the night sky would look on their wedding date. Luckily there are a crazy number of resources for astronomy lovers, and they led me in the right direction. And now, I have a tried and true method for creating a skyscape of a specific date.


I was so excited about the idea, that I decided to create my first semi-custom ketubah design. It’s called the Star Map Ketubah. This design allows you to pick the horizon line (there are 18 to choose from!) and the date to be reflected in the stars and moon phase. And then, of course, you get to customize the texts, fonts, and signature lines as well.

I couldn’t be more excited to bring this new ketubah design to Ink with Intent. Let us know if you have any questions about it!


P.S.  Here’s a little wedding mood board I created featuring the Star Map ketubah.  If I were to get married all over again, I would totally have a Starry themed event.  I can’t get enough of these deep moody blues with the gold sparkle!

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Introducing the Endless Circle Ketubah Collection

October 10, 2016

modern double bedroom with gray wall, great for copy space

October is hands down my favorite month of the year. Between celebrating my wedding anniversary, watching the leaves change, the holidays, and making plans (BIG plans) for Halloween, it’s a month steeped in coziness and possibility. It also marks the end of my crazy busy wedding season, and the beginning of my planning season. As much as I love churning out ketubah orders for my awesome clients, I also love a peaceful afternoon spent tinkering with a new design idea.

My first project this October was to finally finish a new line of ketubahs I’ve been working on called the “Endless Circle” collection. They’re a little different from my other designs in that the artwork is square and the text is formatted in a simple circle. These designs are also available in two different sizes – 16″x16″ and 20″x20″. The collection has 8 different designs, and each design is available with all my typical text options. And if you want custom colors, I would be more than happy to work with you on that.

You can see the whole collection here!

Endless Circle - Light Background


Endless Circle - Light Background

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