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If you have noticed anything about my work, it’s probably that I tend to stay away from highly-traditional ketubah designs.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate the beauty of an incredibly ornate historical design (for instance, this show-stopper that’s part of’s Museum Collection!) They just aren’t my style.  And if these last 3 years of running Ink with Intent have taught me anything, it’s that I’m not the only one who’s drawn to contemporary abstracts, city-scapes, and bright colors.

Intertwined Trees Ketubah

So, I was surprised at myself when, several weeks ago, I felt inexplicably compelled to design an intertwined trees ketubah.  If there’s one motif you see in ketubah designs more than any other, it’s intertwined trees.  And it makes sense, too.  Two trees growing together to become one is a powerful symbol of life, love, and commitment.

One morning, I absolutely couldn’t get the image of intertwining trees out of my mind.  After a few days of rough sketching, my new ketubah design began to emerge.  And after countless tweaks and revisions, I’m so excited about the finished piece.  My Intertwined Trees Ketubah is my own minimalist, colorful take on a beloved, time-honored motif.  My favorite part of this design is that the two tree are completely separate entities, but their branches have woven themselves together – remaining independent, but gracefully intermingled.  While the shapes are bold and clean, the colors and textures are full of tiny surprises and nuance. And since I couldn’t make a final decision about which colors I liked best, I decided to make them all available.

Intertwined Trees Ketubah

The Intertwined Trees Ketubah is available in 5 different tree colors (Devotion, Enchant, Flame, Crush, and Delight) as well as light and dark backgrounds.

And, as with all my designs, you can customize the fonts, the text, the number of signature lines, and much more for no additional charge.

Intertwined Trees Ketubah

Here’s to hoping my new ketubah design gets to play a small part in some beautiful weddings in 2017!

P.S. Did you know that Ink with Intent is now on Pinterest?  I’ve put together a little inspiration board for a wedding featuring intertwined trees 🙂

A Golden Wooded Wedding


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