Client Spotlight: Josh and Caitlin’s Custom New York City Ketubah

When Josh and Cait reached out to me last March to talk about a custom ketubah featuring the Queensboro Bridge, I was…intrigued. I’ve spent a decent amount of time in the NYC area, and hadn’t ever thought of the Queensboro bridge as a particularly romantic icon. That is, until Josh and Cait shared their story with me.

NYC Ketubah Queensboro Bridge

As we talked over skype about their vision for a custom ketubah, it came out that the very first home the couple ever shared had overlooked the bridge. In their words: “We wanted to incorporate the Queensboro bridge into our ketubah because it reminds us of the years we spent in graduate school getting to know each other: the first apartment we shared in New York City had a stunning view of the Queensboro bridge and the East River, and this view of the bridge will forever remind us of our first home together.” Such sweetness.

NYC Ketubah Queensboro Bridge

NYC Ketubah Queensboro Bridge

As Josh, Cait and I started to talk through the details of the design, we kept coming back to a night scene that would highlight the twinkly lights of the bridge and the buildings in the distance. When they looked at the ketubah hanging in their home, I wanted them to feel as though they were transported back to that apartment, snuggled up inside on a chilly evening, watching the sun go down and the bridge light up. I also wanted the ketubah illustration to have a clean, minimalist aesthetic, and to not get too bogged down in the details.

Needless to say, it was an absolute joy to work with Josh and Cait on something so personal. Josh and Cait were married this past July in a stunning Jewish wedding in Pacific Palisades, CA. They told me, “during the wedding ceremony, our rabbi shared the story of how we met in New York City and explained the significance of our ketubah’s design.”

NYC Ketubah Queensboro Bridge

Josh and Cait were kind enough to send me some lovely feedback about their experiences commissioning a custom ketubah (which can be an overwhelming process when planning a wedding!) They said, “when we came across Ink With Intent, we were very excited to learn that custom ketubahs could be commissioned by the artist. While there were many beautiful options already available on the website, we had a particular vision in mind for a more personal ketubah, and we reached out to Adriana with our thoughts on a custom design. She was extremely helpful, thoughtful and professional throughout the entire process of commissioning the work. She was upfront about all costs and timelines involved, and she delivered drafts and the finished product on time or before predicted. She was also very welcoming of any changes we requested after we saw each draft, and clearly wanted to deliver exactly what we wanted (and she did!). We had an absolutely wonderful experience working with Adriana, and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a beautiful custom ketubah!

Thank you so much for your kind words, Josh and Cait. And Mazel Tov on your brand new marriage!

And thank you to Josh and Cait’s uber-talented photographer Scott Clark for persmission to share some of their wedding photos here.

NYC Ketubah Queensboro Bridge


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