Favorite Things: Hanukkah Decor from Peace, Love, Light

Now that I’m a mom of a very joyful, opinionated, busy toddler, holidays have taken on a whole new meaning.  Maybe that’s one of the top perks of having a kid?  What used to be a season dominated by “to buy” lists and over-packed social calendars has now become a season of magic and wonder once again.  My toddler certainly doesn’t care whether I’ve remembered to order the holiday cards.  But string up some new decorations, fry potato pancakes, and sing new songs?  She’s ALL in.  It’s pretty incredible to get to experience the holidays again from a kiddo’s point of view.

This marks the first year my daughter will get to participate in celebrating Hanukkah, and I couldn’t be more excited.  And so, when I stumbled upon a brand new online shop, Peace Love Light, my jaw hit the floor.  Here was all the contemporary, Pinterest-worthy Hanukkah decor I’d ever wanted, but didn’t know existed!  My brand new menorah is now on its way to me, as well as some of these garlands that I can’t wait to hang around the house.

The shop owner, Amanda, and I got to chatting on Instagram, and she was kind enough to let me share a few of my favorite items here on my blog.  A big thank you to Amanda for the permission and for curating such a delightful shop of Hanukkah-inspired home items 🙂

And don’t miss their Hanukkah Sale, going on right now in their online shop 🙂 10% off orders over $50!



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