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If you’re gearing up for your wedding, framing your ketubah is probably the last thing on your mind. But I have a couple of tips that might make your life a little easier during the ketubah signing ceremony and beyond.

I sometimes forget that the whole point of signing a ketubah in the first place is so that you can hang the beautiful document in your home for the rest of your lives. Which, of course, means finding just the right frame for your artwork.

As someone who spends quite a lot of time thinking about ketubahs, I’ve developed a few opinions on the topic of framing them. I’m going to share my top four tips for framing your ketubah, and then I’ll post a few of my favorite sources for ketubah frames (which you can bookmark and revisit after the wedding madness dies down).

So lets cut straight to the chase, shall we? Here is my number one tip for ketubah frames:

1. Get a frame for your ketubah BEFORE your wedding.

Here’s a pretty typical scenario. You’ve had your signing ceremony, and your ketubah is resting beautifully back on its display easel for the reception. Then along comes an overjoyed / teary / clumsy / intoxicated guest, and they knock your ketubah to the ground. I’ve heard this story from a large handful of clients and it happened at my own wedding. If your ketubah is in a frame (any frame!), it will be protected from the accidental fall or spill. If you’re not ready to invest in your forever frame, you can pick up a cheap frame on Amazon just for displaying your ketubah at the reception. Below is the frame that I recommend my clients get – it’s inexpensive and it’s sturdy. Also, at $13-$27 (depending on the size), it’s hard to beat the price. Need to know the dimensions of your ketubah? Just check the product listing page and scroll down (it’s below the photos). Personally, I love a simple black frame – it’s classic and elegant – but this frame comes in 11 other colors if you disagree.

16″x20″ – ArtToFrames 16×20 inch Satin Black Picture Frame, WOMFRBW26079-16×20
16″x16″ – ArtToFrames 16×16 inch Satin Black Picture Frame, WOMFRBW26079-16×16
18″x18″ – ArtToFrames 18×18 inch Black Picture Frame, 2WOMFRBW72079-18×18
20″x20″ – ArtToFrames 20×20 inch Satin Black Picture Frame, WOMFRBW26079-20×20
13″x21″ – ArtToFrames 13×21 inch Satin Black Picture Frame, 2WOMFRBW26079-13×21
16″x26″ – ArtToFrames 16×26 inch Satin Black Picture Frame, 2WOMFRBW26079-16×26

2. Spring for a mat board

When you’re getting your ketubah or wedding certificate professionally framed after your wedding, I encourage you to spring for a mat board. They make such a huge difference in how your ketubah looks on your wall, and they don’t add all too much to the price of a frame.

3. The UV acrylic is worth it

Framing is expensive (especially after you’ve just payed for a whole wedding!) but this is a good area to take the long view. UV acrylic is the best option, and it protects your artwork against damage from the sun which can cause the inks of your ketubah to fade with time. And since this is a document that you’re planning to hang in your home for the rest of your lives, it’s worth it to pay a little extra now so that it remains in tip top condition over the years. Even with UV acrylic though, I recommend you not hang your ketubah in direct sunlight.

4. Add a ketubah frame to your wedding registry!

A nice custom frame can be pricey! But folks love giving them as wedding gifts. They’re meaningful, personal, and last forever, unlike that toaster from Macy’s.

Where to buy a high-quality ketubah frame

Well, luckily you have a bunch of great options! To start, we’ve recently partnered with the high-end, bespoke framing company Simply Framed to offer beautiful and contemporary custom framing options for your ketubah or wedding certificate. These high quality frames are made by hand here in the USA. If you opt to use our framing service, your ketubah or wedding certificate will be delivered already framed. You can remove it from the frame for signing, and then replace it for display during your reception. Each custom frame comes with a 2″ acid-free 4-ply mat in a complimentary shade of white. You can learn more about our optional custom framing service here.

If you’d prefer to look at frames in person, I would recommend going to a local custom framing shop and working with the staff to find the right style frame for your specific ketubah design. Depending on what kind of ketubah you have and the style of decor in your home, you may opt for something rustic/distressed, minimalist/contemporary or ornate/classical. I would encourage you to select a frame that isn’t too visually overwhelming, since you don’t want to detract from the ketubah itself. While you often find low prices at the big box craft / framing stores, the sales people are sometimes not as knowledgeable. Given how important the document is, I encourage you to shop local and small for your frame!

FYI: As of October 2017, this post now contains affiliate links! I’ve been recommending these exact products for years without being an affiliate, and I stand by my recommendations now. As such, Amazon requires me to include the following: “I am a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”


I'm Adriana Saipe, founder of Ink with Intent. I'm a full-time wedding illustrator who specializes in contemporary ketubahs and unique wedding certificates. Learn more.

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  1. Rebecca on March 17, 2016 at

    I ordered the “classic” size ketubah – 17 x 23.5, and am having trouble finding a cheap frame for the wedding day. Any suggestions?

  2. Barry Hare on February 1, 2016 at

    I have a ketubah that I think would be beautiful in a round frame. I haven’t seen anything that I think would be appropriate.
    The ketubah is on a sheet that is
    24 x 24

    • Adriana Saipe on February 2, 2016 at

      A round frame would be beautiful! I haven’t seen any on the market, but definitely let me know if you find one! I’d love to include it in my round up.

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