Talking Ketubahs with Advah Designs

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This past summer, I had the tremendous delight of becoming acquainted with Advah Designs, and it’s founder Sarah Resnick. If you’re in the market for a Chuppah or Tallit, then look no further than her beautiful textile shop. Not only is she an incredibly talented artist, she’s also just a fantastic human being! After spending a lovely afternoon chatting on skype, Sarah asked if she could post an interview about me and my work on her blog. Color me flattered!

So, pop on over to the Advah Designs blog to learn more about:

  • How I created my first ketubah (and what went wrong!)
  • How one ketubah quickly transformed into my full-time job (and my passion)
  • My relationships with Judaism and Quakerism
  • A sneak peek into a typical day in the life of a ketubah artist (there’s a lot more coffee and dog-snuggling than you might expect)
  • My most important advice for couples looking for the perfect ketubah
  • And more

Read the full interview here.

A huge thank you to Sarah from Advah Designs for hosting me on her little corner of the internet!


I'm Adriana Saipe, founder of Ink with Intent. I'm a full-time wedding illustrator who specializes in contemporary ketubahs and unique wedding certificates. Learn more.

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