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Hey there!

Today, I’m celebrating 3 wonderful things.

First, my baby daughter just turned 7 weeks old. Oh how the time flies! The past 7 weeks have been defined by mountains of dirty diapers, groggy midnight feedings, and a sweet fuzzy little head nestled into the crook of my neck. It’s been amazing and exhausting and perfect.

Baby V

{ Here’s baby V at 11 days old! }

Second, I’m officially back from maternity leave. Starting this week, I’ll be working part-time doing custom ketubahs and wedding certificates. If you asked to be added to my custom design wait list over the past 2 months, you should have already heard from me. But if not, be sure to get in touch so that we can set up a consultation. Because I’ll only be working part time, I’ll only be taking on 1 custom design project per week. So if you wedding isn’t too far off, we should talk sooner rather than later.

Third, my good friend / colleague Sarah Resnick of Advah Designs has released an incredible free resource for people planning a Jewish Wedding. Seriously, folks, this guide is amazing, and I desperately wish it had been around when I was planning my own wedding a couple of years ago. In her words:

“Not being married by a rabbi, but still want your wedding to feel Jewish? Curious whether the roots of Jewish wedding traditions are consistent with your feminist values? Interested in how other LGBTQ couples transformed their Jewish wedding ceremony? Trying to decide which Jewish rituals to include in your interfaith wedding? Arielle Angel of Ketuv Ketubahs and I created this guide to spark interest in couples who want to engage authentically with Jewish wedding rituals and are looking for a way to get started. It’s meant to be a discussion-starter that you and your partner can get through in a couple of hours: skipping the parts that don’t resonate, and following links to go deeper when you want to know more.”

The best part is that she’s giving away the guide for free. So you would be crazy not to pop on over to her site and download it, like, yesterday.

Planning a Jewish wedding ceremony

That’s it from me! Thanks so much for all your patience while I spent a incredible 7 weeks with baby V 🙂


I'm Adriana Saipe, founder of Ink with Intent. I'm a full-time wedding illustrator who specializes in contemporary ketubahs and unique wedding certificates. Learn more.

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