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Rose Gold Wedding
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If I had a rose gold wedding…

When my husband proposed to me back in 2012, he surprised me with an unusual and beautiful rose gold engagement ring.  I’d never really considered this off-the-beaten-path metal, but the moment I laid eyes on that ring, I became obsessed.  And I mean obsessed with rose gold.  I spent the next year hunting down more rose gold items for my collection – you should have seen the epic meltdown of joy that occurred when I found this bag on sale.

So when a client asked me to make a custom version of my Typographic Ketubah design with hand-painted rose gold details, I just about died of excitement.  I wish I had thought of that when I was making my own ketubah.  Would it be strange to make myself a second ketubah just so that it could have some rose gold on it?  My Rabbi thinks so, but what does she know? 😉

Rose Gold Ketubah

Of course, once I had a rose gold wedding on my mind, I quickly descended into a fit of Pinning all the rose gold goodies that I would clearly need.  Rose gold dog-themed thank you cards?  Check. Rose gold silverware? Check.  Rose gold bridesmaid gifts? Check, check and check.  I swear – one day those boots will be mine.  All mine.

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