Wedding Color Crush: Blush & Gray

There’s something utterly romantic and sophisticated about the color duo blush and gray, don’t you think?  While blush has long been a staple in the wedding industry, pairing it with a soft, warm grey is pretty new.  And in my humble opinion, the gray gives this palette a fresher, more grown up vibe.

I fell in love with this color combo when I was first designing my Paint Burst Blush ketubah (shown below!)  And I’ve since begun to explore this palette in other designs as well.  In fact, just last week, I finished a custom version of my “Summer Abstract” design that featured a palette of soft to deep blushes with an assortment of warm grays.  I like it so much, that it might end up as one of my standard options in the Abstract collection.

Wedding colors blush and gray

Paint Burst Blush Ketubah

Blush and Gray Abstract Ketubah


I'm Adriana Saipe, founder of Ink with Intent. I'm a full-time wedding illustrator who specializes in contemporary ketubahs and unique wedding certificates. Learn more.

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