Star Map Custom Night Sky Ketubah


In the Star Map Custom Night Sky Ketubah, we will create a ketubah with the exact night sky from your wedding date, the date you got engaged, or any other date that has special significance to you. All with the help of astronomy maps! No two star map ketubahs will be exactly the same. You also have your choice of over 20 different horizons.

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16”x20” Giclee Print

Star Map Custom Night Sky Ketubah

The Star Map Custom Night Sky Ketubah is a new and incredibly unique offering by artist Adriana Saipe. No two Star Map Custom Night Sky ketubah designs are ever the same, as each is customized with the night sky from your wedding date, the date you got engaged, or any other date that has special meaning to you. You can also choose from over 20 different horizons.

Each ketubah design I create is a unique blend of hand-painted elements and digital illustration, resulting in a ketubah that is both colorful and minimalist. This ketubah is customized with your names, your wedding date, and your text.


You can select one of our pre-written texts, or we can have your custom text translated into Hebrew. We work with a team of certified, professional translators from Israel to ensure your translated Hebrew text is accurate.


Once we receive your order and preferences, we will create a digital proof of your ketubah and send it to you for approval. Once it has been approved, we will have your custom design professionally printed using the giclee method.


Unless you are doing rush service, please allow 4 weeks for the full process of ordering and receiving your finished ketubah. Once it’s been printed, we will ship it to you in secure packaging with tracking information.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding the Star Map Custom Night Sky Ketubah!

Star Map Ketubah


  1. Marissa Burgo

    We adore our beautiful Star Map Custom Night Sky Ketubah, which was born into existence through lightning speed, love and beautiful work. My husband and I thought we would wait to sign a Ketubah for a post pandemic (whenever that is!) wedding take 2, and not at our very small mid-pandemic wedding, but as our wedding day drew closer, we realized it did not feel right to get legally married without signing a Ketubah together. While many people and with good reason, spend a long time considering all of their Ketubah details, with the amazing choices, customization and information on this site, we were able to put together all of the pieces of a Ketubah that felt perfect and meaningful to us, in just a few hours! Even more amazingly, Adriana and Chaya were able to turn the project around and ship it to us in a matter of days, even with our custom waning moon request from the view of our south facing beach ceremony. It was truly amazing and both my husband and I, and all of our guests absolutely loved this Ketubah, which will forever remind us of our small soulful beach ceremony and sacred vows. Our Ketubah is now signed, framed and hanging in our house, and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you thank you Adriana for making our Ketubah dreams a reality and for helping us design a Jewish marriage contract that truly reflects us and our relationship.

  2. Julie

    So excited to sign our ketubah together this weekend at our wedding! It is truly a beautiful piece of art and we absolutely love how the text communicates how we feel. The staff was very responsive and super nice and flexible about all the changes I asked for. The ketubah got lost in the mail and they overnighted a new one to make sure we had it in time for our wedding. Would definitely buy again!

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